Travel to Azores – Useful Information – Journey to Portugal

Travel to Azores

Travel to Azores – Useful Information – Journey to Portugal

Here you have some useful information about the Azores Island, one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal.


You should check with the Portuguese diplomatic representation in your country the documents and visas required to enter in Portugal.


The climate can be pretty changeable. A cloudy and windy morning may turn into a warm and shinny afternoon, or vice-versa.


The Currency in the Azores is the Euro.


As in so many islands, fresh fish just caught from the Ocean is the main menu. Due to the extensive areas of lush green pastures, the Azores also produce high quality dairy products, namely the worldwide known Azorian cheese.


We suggest you don’t miss the highly renown Azorian products such as Cheese and Wines, which you’ll find in several shops in the city center as well as in some spots spread along the island.


We suggest you keep your passport, money and credit cards in the hotel’s safe-deposit box. Keep a copy of your Passport or ID card with you.

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