Feasts of Our Lady of Agony in Viana do Castelo

Feasts of Our Lady of Agony in Viana do Castelo

Feasts of Our Lady of Agony in Viana do Castelo

One of the best way to know a country is to meet its people and their traditions.

Having the opportunity to attend and participate in a party or a religious festival is an excellent opportunity to learn a little bit more about our culture, beliefs, traditions, gastronomy and popular music.

There are parties and festivals almost every months of the year under the most various pretexts.

You can experience two different kinds of festivities: the Festa da Aldeia and the Romaria.

The Festa da Aldeia is a party in the streets of a village, town or city.

The Romaria is an event with a religious origin, that can happen  at the same time as the Festa.

At the festivals there are always plenty of music, food, people in the streets and firework. Most of the parties outside the major cities occurs in August, when the emigrants come home for their holidays.

Some of these festivals are truly important and attract thousands of people to the city or town where they occur.

For example, the Feasts of Our Lady of Agony, in Viana do Castelo.

Here, the women of Minho, make a parade through the city, showing millions of euros in jewels of gold in their chest and ears, on the traditional costumes, which are passed from generation to generation.

Feasts of Our Lady of Agony2

There is a rule to put the gold in their costumes. The various cords, hearts, medals and wires are attached to their clothes in order to cover the chest and form an inverted triangle.

The head is always covered with a scarf, revealing  part of the hair and the magnificent earrings.

Feasts of Our Lady of Agony1

This parade is only a part of the event. Other highlights are the procession through the streets of the city, the parade of “Gigantones” and “Cabeçudos” and the historical ethnographical parade.

The city is decorated with beautiful flowers carpets, open air live music and a spectacular firework over the sea.

The restaurants open their doors to serve the traditional gastronomy of the city.

People come from all over the world to participate.

The dates for 2016 are from 19th to 21st of August.

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