Portugal Jewish Tour

Jewish communities lived in Portugal for years and plaid important rules in many aspects of Portuguese history, society and way of live.

Jewish people lived in every corner of the country, since the end of the Roman Empire and until the Inquisition in the mid of the 16th century.

After the Catholic Kings ruled in Spain, a great number of Spanish Jews fled to Portugal, where they had a relatively calm life till the dead of the Portuguese Kind D. Manuel I. They plaid an important rule in the movement of the discoveries, not only as commerce and finance men but also as science genius.


A trip through the world of the Sephardi Jews will take you through the whole Portuguese territory and history.

Our 10 days trip will start in the North of the country, where you  will learn some curious stories related with the Portuguese Jews and how they managed to deceive the Inquisition.

After visiting Porto we will drive to the central region of the country to visit  ancient important synagogues, home of the most important  communities.


Heading south we get to the beautiful city of Évora, of sad memory to the Portuguese Jews as this has been the birth of the Portuguese Inquisition courts.


The tour ends in Lisbon, where important visits awaits you. Not only we will visit the synagogue and the Church of St. Dominic, where thousand of Jews have being killed during the inquisition, but also the monuments related to the Portuguese Discoveries, an opportunity of learning a little more about the rule of the Jewish community during that period and how they helped this small nation, that was also their home, to give “new worlds to the world”.


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