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There are so many amazing places to go and things to see in Portugal, making it sometimes hard for you to pick one.

Culture and Art

Do you know that Portugal is the oldest nation of Europe, with the same borders since the year 1297?

Portugal has a rectangular shape, and is a small country, having the Atlantic Ocean on the West and South borders and Spain on the East and North.

Because of this reality the Portuguese expended their nation to the Atlantic Ocean, and developed colonies in Brazil, Africa, China, India and Timor, as well as occupied the virgin islands of Azores and Madeira, that are still part of Portugal.

This mixed of cultures that lived together as a country, some of them for more than 500 years, all speaking the same language, enriched in a spectacular way the Portuguese culture in every aspect: art, music, architecture, way of life, gastronomy, etc.

A simple stroll through our country side or through the old quarters of our cities will take you in a pleasant “trip around the world”.

Do you know that the first European the Japanese met were Portuguese?  They called us the “men with big nose”.


While visiting Portugal you will get to know some interesting architectural styles, difficult to find in the rest of Europe.

In the south and in some old quarters of Lisbon we can still find Moorish architecture.

In much of the territory you can find a rich Portuguese architecture style called the Manuelino, exuberant architectural style originated by the gold from Brazil and the spices from India.

We can find a modern architecture from the 18th century, in old town Lisbon. In 1755 the old town was partially destroyed due to an earthquake and a tsunami. The city was rebuilt with large avenues and using earthquake proof building techniques.

Between the last years of 1930 and 1960, the Portuguese architecture lived a special political period, known as the dictatorship of Salazar, that originated an architecture style that is known as the Estado Novo. The buildings from that period are clean, strong, big, straight lines, almost communist style. In Lisbon we can find many quartiers with this architectural style.


Thanks to our history, we have a very reach gastronomy with roots in Africa, India and Brazil.

From our soups to our deserts (very sweet and with lots of egg), everything is a mixed of several cultures.

We have to point out the delicious fish that we eat all over the country, the traditional salted codfish, that we cook in 365 different ways, and the fresh seafood.

The bread, olives, sausages and cheese have always a place in our table, and the genuine olive oil has a master place in the kitchen.

Portuguese wine, apart from the worldwide famous Port and Madeira, has also gain more and more visibility.

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