Journey to Aveiro

Known as the “Portuguese Venice”, the city is quietly dominated by the Ria de Aveiro, described by Saramago as “a living body that connects the land to the sea like a huge heart.”

Aveiro has always been linked to sea trade, fishing and salt production. Ever since the middle ages, its population grew, always protected and favoured by monarchs. The moment when Infanta Joana, the saint Princess, daughter of King Alfonso V, entered the Jesus Monastery became an important milestone in its History.


A few things you can’t miss:

Moliceiro Boat – Small and colourful, painted in the bow and the stern with traditional bright coloured drawings which represent historical facts or popular devotion, they sail through the “Ria de Aveiro”, showing the other side of the city.



Costa Nova – Go down to Costa Nova and be charmed by this colorful piece of Portuguese coast.



The Aveiro Salines – What used to be a thriving economic activity has somehow decreased in the last years. Only a few salt ponds have remained.



Ovos Moles de Aveiro – Visit Aveiro without tasting the Ovos Moles is a sin. This is a typical pastry in the area and comes from the ancient feminine convents in Aveiro.

Host-like wafer shaped into figures and filled with sweet egg cream. You can buy a small box in the cafeterias on the highway. They will last for several days outside the fridge and go very well with port wine, after dinner.


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