Journey To Algarve

Algarve is one of the most popular tourist destination in Portugal and also in Europe!

The beaches, Mediterranean climate, safety and cuisine are some of the attractions of this region.



The Algarve, a natural treasure, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with thin sand and crystal clear water.



Far from the wide beaches and cliffs, there are miles and miles of landscapes with special geological features.


Weather and climate:

From June to September the temperatures are quite high, which is perfect if you want to relax at the beach.

Average temperatures in summer:

– Air temperature: 24ºC to 29ºC.

– Seawater temperature: 21ºC to 24ºC.



The fresh fish and seafood are the main ingredients of the Algarve cuisine, such as the famous Algarvian Cataplana and the tasty sardine accompanied by potatoes and salad.

The Algarve pastry also reveals much of the Arab passage through the territory of Portugal.

The delicious almond cookies, which dress up with bright colors and have various formats, are very similar to a type of candy that can be found in North Africa.


Where to stay:

From resorts to traditional guesthouses, there is a huge variety of accommodation.


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