Caixa Alfama 2016

Caixa Alfama

Caixa Alfama 2016

Caixa Alfama 2016

Fado music invaded Lisbon’s old quartier of Alfama last weekend, and what a fantastic invasion it was.

At night, the churches, squares, cultural associations received the best Portuguese voices of the traditional song, now added to Unesco’s list of the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.


For 4 years now that the 3rd weekend of September holds this beautiful event.

It is a festival of emotions, unlike any other. The weather is still warm and the streets are filled with local people, lights, guitars and songs. Everyone is happy, the local restaurants serve beer, “Caldo Verde” and Bifanas.

Caixa Alfama – Alfama is more beautiful than ever!

Fado is our traditional folk music, melancholic, 2 or 3 guitars and the fadista, man or woman. Most of the fado songs are about love, usually lost love, sometimes with humor.


Some songs can be very happy and some can make you cry, as the emotions expressed are so strong that they transcend the language barrier.

If you come to Lisbon any time of the year you have to look for a place to listen the real Fado.

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